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November Meeting

 | Published on 12/9/2019
The evening program was presented by Sam Boon on the topic of Plates and Platters. Boon began his talk by mentioning that the piece he was about to turn was based on shape and ratio dimensions suggested by Jimmy Clewes, noted British woodturner who conducts workshops and gives demonstrations internationally. Boon provided the base/diameter ratios he uses to distinguish among plates, platters and bowls (80%, 50% and 33%, respectively). In demonstrating the use of such ratios, he was careful to mark of these measures on the bottom of the mahogany blank that was to become a platter. He then proceeded to carve out a pocket for internal chuck expansion as well as the ogee curve profile that would become the shape of the platter underside. As an aid in helping members appreciate the size, shapes and finish of the piece that he began to turn on the lathe, he had two completed platters that he passed around to members for their inspection.